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Animation in todays technology era and its importance

Animation and Technlogy

Nowadays Its the era of development of technologies and technologies are developing like day by day in a vast form and with this technologies Animation has grown into a great level which we can't imagine. There isn't a single film where animation is not used... and If you are studying animation you will definitely understand the necessity of animation in production field not only a live action movie but also every advertisement company hire some VFX artist, 3D Modeler, graphics designer, Audio Video Editors, and Computer experts. So now animation is growing day by day and by which we can get instant results of our daily thinkings and blah blah...

So Lets come to the point that what is the relation between animation and computer, after studying I have found that nowadays peoples are interested mostly in 3D production because its much better than 2D production and Stop motion production because today is the era of computers with fully high technologies

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An animation is defined as a visual change in a scene with respect to time. The visual change in the scene is not only associated with the change in the position of the object, but also with its shape, color, transparency, structure and texture. An important point about animation is that it usually signifies the hand drawn or artificially drawn sequence of images, which contrasts to the movies where actors' performances with real-world scenes are recorded. 

As I have told you that In early times, animations were made by hand drawing today its called 2D animation where every scene is done one by one on paper and then painted. This method was obviously very troublesome and time-consuming. Nowadays, the use of computer technology has made the animation process progressively simpler and more powerful. The process of drawing images and playing them back at a high speed with the help of computer software in order to create an illusion of movement is referred to as computer animation. The illusion of movement is created by displaying an image on the computer screen, then quickly replacing it by a new image, which is similar to the previous image, but shifted slightly.The field of computer animation is a subset of both computer graphics and animation technologies. Computer animation is generally achieved through a series of geometric transformations-scaling, translation, rotation or any mathematical technique-to produce a sequence of scenes. So there are so many software which interect with those transformation process.


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