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Journey with Anime: a case study on anime

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Today I thought to start my Anime journey and through this post I want to convey some messages to you..!

I am accepting some guest post nowadays and I would say through this I want to invite you all to my blog
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And at last I want to ask you If you have any suggestion to make my blog better then I am always ready to get comments on my blog. for today I am publishing some of the anime drawings (ofcourse not by me)

So here I am starting my posts a small case studies about Anime...I hope you all will like it...and I will be waiting for your comments..!!

What Anime actually is?


Anime is an abbreviation for the word animation.

As anime is comes under Animation but we always think Anime is different and Animation is different and one thing I want to tell you all that Animation is everything that we imagine, its beyond our imagination.
In general, Animation is giving life to our imagination.

In English, main dictionary sources define anime as "a Japanese style of motion-picture animation" or "a style of animation developed in Japan". Since anime or animçshon is used to describe all forms of animation, Japanimation is used to distinguish Japanese work from that of the rest of the world.

In Japan, manga can refer to both animation and comics. Manga is like most popular nowadays.

Anime often draws influence from manga, light novels, and other cultures.

If you Ask some people to the west you will find that the word anime is not always considered as referring to animation but it is thought to be a subset of animation.

Anime has a wide variety of artistic styles. There is some anime that is drawn by hand however there is also some that is computer assisted animation and nowadays that is much popular in softwares like Krita My paint and all..but Photoshop is much better than those..!!

Anime or manga tends to be targeted at teenage or young male adults. Anime is often considered a form of limited animation.
When it comes to anime, it is just like any other entertainment medium in which the actual story lines are used to actually represent the major genres of the actual fiction.
The actual history of anime is known to have begun in the very beginning of the twentieth century. This was the actual time that the Japanese filmmakers were experimenting with the techniques of animation.
This type of animation was also at that time being experimented with in other countries such as France and Germany as well as Russia and the United States as well.
As a result of this work and that of other pioneers in the field, anime developed characteristics and genres that are fundamental elements of the art today.

Anime became very popular in Japan because it provided an alternative outlet for the art of storytelling.
In sharp contrast when compared to the undeveloped industry of live action that was currently being used within Japan.
Anime-influenced animation refers to non-Japanese works of animation that emulate the visual style of anime. Some authorities say that Anime is closely related to the Japanese comics, called manga.

Anime also tends to borrow many elements from manga including text in the background, and borrowing panel layouts from the manga as well.

So, this is just a case study and I will be publishing some more in this page..! stay with me..!!





















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