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What is Rigging in MAYA and what its value in Animation field?

Have you ever heard of the word RIGGING? okay let me tell you...

"Rigging is the process of setting of a character ready for animation. This includes creating a skeleton to deform the character and creating animation controls to enable easy posing of character."
Rigging is not an easy process in Animation field. wait, let me tell you that I am telling about Animation field just because today Animation means is a branch where we can learn all the factors related to a production house, whether it may be a 2D or 3D production house. So if I would use Animation field its means the production process. So now come to the point that Rigging is not an easy process it needs lots of practice, patience and some courage to do and think because there are so many students who don't want to go into the field of Animation and If he interested also but due to some of the technical problems a student never wants to be a Rigging Artist. So I will be talking about some of the problems faced by those students and it doesn't means that Rigging is tough and other subjects are easy but other subjects are also the same but some of us like as per our interests and before telling you the problems let me tell you the Major objectives of Rigging and that are
1. Making the character deform nicely.
2. Making the character easy to animate. 
 So, now let me tell you the main problems faced by students even I also faced those problems.

1. Its too tough to understand the starting part of Rigging. if you don't believe then try it, stay tuned with me then you will get some tutorials.
2. Its too tough to understand rigging theories
3. Its too tough to remember the steps because we cannot use anything at anytime, It has proper way and proper step by step work and a person have to organized to be a rigging artist.
4. Patience is important
5.A person needs to do a great effort and hard work for that.

So this are only simple problems for students who just put his/her hands in Animation. So If any elder person wants to give feedback then I will be gratful to you, So comment please.

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