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The job of a #Rigging Artist| what is the job of a #Rigging Artist?

In previous post I have talked about what is rigging in production. SO Now I will be talking about the Job of a rigging artist or what are the opportunities for a rigging artist? Actually this lines are taking from a book of our library named " Mel Scripting a character Rig in Maya" by Chris Maraffi (note: the whole article is not totally copied but I have taken it as a reference)

So, A character rigging artist has the responsibility of creating the technical system that facilitates bringing a static character model to live. This involves talking to the animator or director to find out how the character should move and then utilizing the tools available in Maya or any other 3D software to achieve those goals.
Generally this requires designing a set of logical controls to interactively move around the characters body, and to believably deform the model or skin accordingly
Since Maya is a node-based 3D software,as seen in the hypergraph, the technical side of making character controls required creating and connecting a variety of nodes.
The main type of nodes are skeleton and curves, and when we connect them together,they become a rig. Skeletons are specially designed to deform a character model like flexible skin and curves are used to make 3D handles or icons fro easily manipulating the skeletons.
The most basic way of connecting these nodes is to simply parent them into a hierarchy and other nodes typically used in such a hierarchy.
Other group nodes typically used in such a hierarchy are group nodes, In complex rigs,additional connections between the nodes are made through attributes or channels to enhance the animation controls. Essentially, digital rigs are the equivalent or armatures or puppet strings on traditional 3D characters, but the rods, strings,and wires have been replaced by skeletons,controllers or icons and channel connections.
In addition to the technical task or creating the rig hierarchy and connections at a node level, rigging artist also spend considerably time designing the rig interface in the 3D views. Animators mayn't interact with most of the nodes in the rig, but they will directly manipulating the icons. Since many 3D animators originally comes from puppetry and stop motion, where they manipulat it physical objects, this often appeals to them, the rigging artist tries to create families real world shapes from curves, such as boxes, spheres, arrows,text,and so on. Such shapes make it easy to select the controls in the 3D views and since curves are not rendered with surfaces in Maya. We don't have to worry about them showing out in the final animation.

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