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Animation As A Career | What you are choosing for your future as like your interest?

career in Animation

Hey there,
Today I shall discuss about Animation as a career and still I am a student and thatswhy, I need to search about jobs sector of animation in the world or in my native. So let me start something from my own:
When I had joined the Branch of Animation I was totally scared that what will be my future because my parents doesn't want me to take animation as my engineering branch, till now they are confused that what really animation is including myself at that time when I had joined our department, I used to think that what will I have to do after passing and who will give me jobs. but whenever I got my 3rd semester and one day my teacher told me that Hey, call your friends I want to show you something and I called all my classmates and Sir has shown us some letters and emails from different companies asking for 3D Modelers, 2D artist, VFX artist for production purpose and really I am writing it very frankly because today in India very few people know about Animation and I am writing this blog only for them that I think they will really get something from my blog and they may tell someone that yes, This is very demandable subjects introduced in India.
So, Sir has told us that all of you make some portfolio that we can show some growing steps though we are not joining them but in future if they need us so that they can contact you all from your portfolios and we will send them. after 2 or 3 days he once told us in our class how many of you are interested in participating a project from a company. we all raised but the matter is that we are not totally eligible for those projects but sir has told us that see there is no limit of animation. You can earn money from anywhere if you know deeply animation but I want to tell you one thing that this is not easy to achieve that perfection in one or two year and we all know that "PRACTICE MAKES MAN PERFECT" So always mind this line and try to get or try to do some better from previous day and I think you will get some real outputs and if those outputs make you happy then you just think that nothing is gonna impossible now.
Some another problem faced by me that whenever I searched the internet I found that there are no job guarantee in production houses but let me ask them that
" If you have proper Skills and proper talent then is this possible to remove an employee like him and one thing always remember that A production house or A Company never wants to go in loss and thatswhy they remove some employees who cannot do multiple works, So my teacher used to say that always be "JACK OF ALL AND MASTER OF ONE" So may be my teachers are more concern about our futures and all are masters in animation so I should tell you one thing that never give up and there are some more reasons of why people don't want to take Animation
1. People never wants to loose more money in an unknown factors
2.Price of All softwares are high
3.Job sectors are unknown and if known they used to choose particular for 1 yr
4.Risky (as Unknown people think)
5.Cannot be a Government Employee
6.No Job guarantee

There are so many problem or questions arises when someone wants to know or ask about animation because it has a non ended explanations about Animation

So let me explain above points one by one that People never want to loose money on unknown factors. It is just because there are so many institute are introducing who just care for the money, they are not concerned about the studies but I am not blaming them for them because If their fees are not higher they cannot effort a single software for this type of studies. and a private institute needs to buy 20 to 30 pieces of per software because a company never gives a software for more then 3 to 4 PCs. So If you think then you can write to me then I will tell you where to study and obviously I will post another post for that purpose that what are the institute that takes proper care of students but Let me tell you my college is govt. So I am really very happy to be in here and If you want then you can join our college and this doesn't mean that I am advertising my College, m just telling you the truth and from this branch I have learned so many things and I will add some photos of our exhibitions below and if you don't believe then you just consult me and visit our college site and you will find sufficient info about it.
Come to next point money matters if you have sufficient money then you can study from private institutes but If you have less resources then I would definitely tell you refer some of the government colleges who provides animation and designing as a core or main branch or subjects.
There are so many people who are still searching the engines and crawling the mouse button for accurate answers for job guarantee and job sectors that where they will work and who will hire you. So just for a simple topic I want to tell you that If you are studying Animation then You can do part time jobs as a freelancer, as a blogger, as a painter, as an Artist, as a part time designer, you can do multiple work in a free environment and after getting your degree or diploma you can directly join your dream company and of course I am also thinking for joining my dream company in future but for that purpose I have to do hard work.
In the next point you can see that it is risky, Yeah I admit that it is too risky that may be a person get job or not but I can tell you that he or she can make money for his/her daily livelihood because this is the only platefor where you will learn more then 20 factors of job opportunity, If you are creative, if you are good in Drawings etc etc you will never loose your job or you will never have to face any problem and let me discuss about this topics in my Next Post
In the next point, Just because of this a person or our parents never wants us to get a subject or stream like Animation because It has no job in Government sectors but Let me tell you that You just search for Us intelligence or any Military job sectors there you will get so many job opportunity for 3D Modelers,animators and all other subjects. I will discuss the other factors related to government jobs for Animators in my next post.
Every people thought that there are no job guarantee for the Students who study Animation and Multimedia like course. So let me tell you one thing there are thousands of Production houses out there and if you are good enough for a simple job there you will be paid as good enough.
So I am telling you there is no simple way or short way for anything so try hard you will really get success and all are in the world only wants money so If you are productive money will run to you.

For any questions related to your problem just write to me or comment below, I will respond to your queries and If I am confused then I will take some suggestion from known person and tell you the real facts.

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