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#Animation company in India | Toonz media group | Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd

toonz media group and animation

Toonz media group is established in the year 1999, Toonz Animation India Pvt. Ltd is the animation production division of Toonz group. As the flag-bearer of the Indian animation industry, Toonz Animation has emerged as one of the biggest and the most admired animation production houses in South Asia. The 18,000 sq feet, state-of-the-art facility is nestled in Technopark, the greenest IT park in the South Indian state of Kerala, one of the must see destinations of a lifetime as described by National Geographic Traveler. Toonz Animation has been heralded by the Animation Magazine as one of the top ten studios to watch. With an established clientele of the likes of Walt Disney, Turner, Nickelodeon, Sony, Universal, BBC, Paramount, Marvel and Hallmark, Toonz provides an integrated value chain in the conceptualization, production and distribution of content and services across diverse media platforms. Living up to its expectation, Toonz Animation over the years has emerged the preferred destination for major European and North American media conglomerates. Not surprisingly, Toonz has also been chosen as one among India's top ten 'cool' companies.

Services from them

3D Animation
Take advantage of a seamless, secure and efficient 3D production pipeline.

2D Animation
Require stunning and fluid animation? Then the traditional 2D pipeline in Toonz is your pit stop.

2D Cel Animation
Move your characters in style!

Stop Motion
Unleash the potential of hand-made animation story telling with life-like characters and miniature sets.

Visual Effects/ CGI
Now, add that extra dimension to your scenes without investing on live shoot and live effects.

Concept Creation/ Development/ Pre Production
Get Started! Translate your concepts from a piece of story to an eyeball-grabbing, visually engaging and captivating entertainment content.

Story Boarding / Animatic
How about a birds-eye-view of how your story would progress? Satisfy your creative urge to see a visual representation of what is in store.

Gaming experience has now traversed beyond consoles and web.

Post Production
Your one-stop-destination for all post production needs.

Toonz offers a gamut of services which helps you marry your story ideas with a perfect production and distribution eco system enabling them to come to life as an animated or as a live action content. With our established credential and a long-standing pedigree of producing/coproducing IP's with international value and exploiting multiple platforms viz. TV, Home Video, Online, L&M and Mobile, we help in creating a strong relationship between the brand, channel and the customers over the entire product life cycle.

Toonz Digital
The digital arm of Toonz Group, Toonz Digital is primarily involved in Web TV and Game development along with consulting for social media space. The web channel 'Chotoonz' is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Indian market which aims at providing entertainment content for kids over the web. The channel mostly caters to the Indian market and Indian diaspora across the globe. Toonz Digital also offers game development for mobile and social media space.
Digital Business Platform and its strategic and tactical (execution) deliverables can be applied and integrated at any stage and phase of your Digital Business Lifecycle (DBLC). The DBLC is defined during the discovery phase of an engagement whereby the deliverables and timelines are carefully evaluated based on the nature of digital business requirements.
Most Acknowledged creations: animation series “The Return of Hanuman”, “The Adventures of Tenali Raman” has made them popular. They are also recognized for mixing 2D and 3D successfully in movie and they have been working for many television serials too. Disney is among the clients that Toonz have.

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