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Why Foreign Company choose Indian Companies for their Partners(in Animation Field)

This question is very puzzled and it contains vast amount of marking strategy, those who don't know about animation they never used to think that is there any possibilities of getting foreign works in India but yes it is true and I have their proofs and I will show you from a film and I have just captured the last part where all the artist are being shown and it is from the movie Alpha N Omega and another film is Tinker bell

But why they prefer India for their works, because the price or paid salary of an animator is higher and maybe they needs to pay $5000 minimum per person for their works but in India when a Clients gives a work to a production house the people used to work just for $200 to $300 and If a company saves $4500 per person used their so why they would invest more. So as we know that price of a dollar is more than Rupee and with this type of benefits the people used to offer big big project with small deadline and this gives them a huge amount of money. and another secret is that they get a quality products from our Indian and really our Indian Artist has too much creativity and they can do much better If they get an enough time for a work and can give a better out put as we want and it is very necessary to get an Animation Production house in India and I wanna tell you one thing that evolution of Animation is rising nowadays with very big amount of students from the whole part of India because Nowadays Animation is establishing by different colleges and the demand of Animation is rising. So I wanna tell every one that if you are good enough for ride a computer and If you have some creativity then you definitely apply for animation but remember one thing there are so many frauds out their who only knows to earn money and they have not a single knowledges about animation so be careful about that.
There are so many stories also behind them but though I am a new about this field so whatever I know I have discussed.

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