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what is animation, multimedia, 3D Visuals and Illustrations?

Today I have studied some different material about Animation and Multimedia...!!

SO let me start with that...

The ability to combine moving images, graphics, text, and sound in meaningful ways is one of most powerful aspects of computer technology.
A dynamic and technically accurate presentation is helpful in making the message not only understood but effective. At Exponent, we combine our engineering and scientific expertise with cutting-edge artistic talent to create visually compelling and technically accurate presentations for industrial and legal applications.

We work closely in teams to produce technically precise, 2D and 3D animations and other multimedia. We consult with clients throughout production, and our work has been shown throughout the world and has been the subject of numerous feature broadcasts on network and cable television.


Animation is the creation of artificial moving images to replicate an event. Dramatic events sometimes happen in the blink of an eye. But a single picture or graphic doesn’t always convey that moment adequately.
We use computer animation to help viewers understand a single moment, as well as to see how things change over time. Two- and three-dimensional models allow the scene to be recreated from various viewpoints, including those of eyewitnesses and participants, and also from overhead perspectives.

Using state-of-the-art animation software, we can reproduce real-world phenomena such as fire, smoke, and fluids. Our professionals are specialists in modeling, lighting, materials creation, and animation. Working from sketches, photos, or engineering drawings, we create accurate, realistic models of objects and subjects, from a simple part to complex machines and environments.

We have developed animations to illustrate fine points of mechanical or electrical design, reenact a fire at a large manufacturing facility, and illustrate the movement of chemicals through the air and ground, and even through the respiratory system. Our experience includes projects for the Internet, interactive CD-ROMs, marketing and business presentations, and for use in courts of law around the country.

Our animations have stood the scrutiny of the legal system and have been presented to mass audiences through cable television programs around the world.


Many clients choose multimedia to explain technical issues. Multimedia uses a navigational approach to accessing data, allowing one to display video, animation, graphics, drawings, documents, and still images as needed during a presentation or testimony.

This technology helps our clients organize and retrieve documents, share information, and graphically present information in a more understandable and persuasive manner. Our Visual Communication group works to reduce client costs by creating effective presentations using state-of-the-art tools such as Flash-based interfaces and software such as Adobe Director® and Microsoft PowerPoint®. We also use technologies such as extranets to allow clients to review and discuss our work, so that our staff can provide the most cost-effective and timely presentation of materials under development.

3D Visuals

Exponent provides its clients with accurate, cutting edge, and compelling 3D visuals. The latest software tools are used by Exponent’s experienced Visual Communications staff, working side by side with our engineers and scientists, to produce 3D visuals with solid engineering foundations as well as the visual clarity needed to illustrate situations in clear, concise ways. Our staff has many years of experience in all aspects of 3D production, including modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation.

Ability to import/export a wide range of file types, including .dwg, .dxf, .3ds, .obj, .stl, and .iges

Ability to assist engineers in analyzing and conceptualizing objects in 3D space

Ability to create 3D models, using photogrammetry tools and blueprints

Simulation of real-world elements (e.g., fire, liquid, smoke, particles)

Specialists in realistic texturing, lighting, and rendering


The Visual Communication staff can produce a wide range of visuals, from elaborate 3D animations to charts and graphs. Sometimes budgets or projects do not warrant the use of 3D imagery. For many situations, 2D line-art illustrations are very effective. They are clear and easy to understand, yet can illustrate complicated issues and interactions. Line-art visuals are a versatile solution that can be used within PowerPoint® presentations, and can be blown up for use as court boards.


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