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Beauty and the Beast : A Review on walt disney Pictures

Today I am gonna publish a guest post by a girl who used to lives in her DREAMs .

Let me call her as Dreamer and She has given me this review on the topic of "BEAUTY and THE BEAST" and her real Name is Sangita Ekka and I think some of you knows her she used to comments and posts so many things in some of the groups in facebook....!!

In this Post You are going to read a review on a very nice story of Bells and Beast..!!

I hope you all like it..!!

Based on the classic fairy tale, Walt Disney Animation Studios in the year 1991 re-produced this in amazing piece of artwork in the form of feature film. The movie is a complete 2D animation and one of its finest works ever done.

It treats the audience with the provincial landscape of France and every frame is a hand-drawn masterpiece. The characters, colors, the transformation and transitions display the best hands at work.
             The Beast is well conceptualized to put the horror and cartoon in a balance making it an element of scare and innocence with the passage of frames. Belle is beautiful as she should be with an air of oddity paired with her dark brown eyes. Every character that has a part in the story along with every single character in the crowd is given a “character” and they have all played it well.

Bells’ falling in love with the Beast is the essence of the movie and the artists have done their fine job of taking you on the roller coaster ride of emotions through their subtleties in movements and dance particularly the one at the evening ball room. The detailing are some of the finest works. It is perfectly portrayed in the golden and blue hues with utterly soothing music and top class hand drawn animation. Words are not enough to describe it.

It is far too easy to criticize something brilliant with a little piece of junk than to find words for a great piece of flawless artwork. This movie does the latter to you. It leaves you spellbound throughout the time it plays and short of words when the spell finally breaks. The permanent challenge that has always been with adaptations is to keep the audience hooked even when they know what is about to happen. The portrayal of characters is brilliant in every sense; be it animation or voice. The castle with its gargoyles, interiors, gardens and the magically transformed characters is a treat to watch and listen. It is a story of magic and the movie slowly and surely unfolds into one.

This movie is the storehouse of one of the best handiwork's ever produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
             The subtleties of the lighting, the bold strokes in the background painting and the amazing background score are no less than magic. This is simply not a movie but a journey that takes you on a personal transformation like the Beast.
We find ourselves so lost in the art of the movie that we find new definitions of love. The very story is about; “…for beauty is found within.” and anyone who looks closely to the details will find exactly that.

So guys How was it..!! I would say you all have liked it right..??...please leave your comment below...!! and leave a comment for our guest..!!!