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How to propose a girl with an Adorable Video

If you don't have a girlfriend, Have you ever imagine that how would you propose your dreamgirl or the girl whom you are loving from so many days, so many years....So here is the solution...

A Graphic designer has just proposed a girl by showing a video and that girl said yes...!!


We creative people always knows the better way to do good things as well as the bad things in style and with great intelligence.
 So. the story of the designer is goes like this....

These creative types sure know how to do things in style. Milwaukee-based illustrator/animator Adam Rosenbaum created this amazing animated clip to pop the question to his girlfriend last month. Adam worked on his ‘proposal’ for 3 months using his evenings after work and the occasional weekend. On 21st June he took her for a walk and showed her this clip … and of course, she said YES.

Well done, Sir. By the way, Adam’s girlfriend isn’t the only one to have seen this video.

 Much to their surprise, this 2-minute clip has gone viral online with almost 80,000 views ever since he uploaded it last month. Seen a cooler wedding proposal off-late?

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