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Jobs in Animation | Toonz Animation India Pvt Ltd

Toonz Animation India Pvt Ltd 

Toonz Animation

Organization: Toonz Animation India Pvt Ltd
Job Title: 3D Rigging Artist
Contact Email: career@toonzanimationindia.com

Job Description

•Rig and animate characters and write technical tools that will help create realistic, full body, human motion.
•Clear anatomical understanding with jointing, skinning and rigging.
•Should be compatible with working of different character styles over multiple concurrent projects
•Understanding of anatomy including how the underlying structures of the body and face can be shown to affect the skin
•Trouble shooting scenes at any stage of production without any disruption of the pipeline.
•Envision and create complex scripts / tools using May script, or Mel Script to help streamline animator productivity
•Basic modeling skills including a good understanding of polygonal meshflow

2-3 years experience.

Creative Designer

Job Description

• Produce a wide range of highly creative environment concept art, props and layouts.
• Assists in establishing style for production art.
• Seek feedback from the Director in style and mood.
• Design and colour new Key BGs
• Check and approval of all Key BGs of both outside vendors and internal production.
• Checking and Approval of production BGs of vendor studios.
• Supervising and guiding the BG artist internal/external.
• Timely delivery of assigned/above said tasks.
• Expected to work after office hrs as per production requirements.
• If required need to do thumbnails and Story boarding.
• Strive for improving the productivity at all stages with proactive strategies so as to achieve the prescribed quota for the department.
• Ensure that the quality norms are duly adhered to in the shows being developed in the studio as per the specified requirement of that project.
• Minimize the instances of fix ups and client retakes through systematic quality planning, checking and follow up with team members.
• Effectivetime management methods to ensure that smooth execution of projects at different stages of process operation without any hold up.
• Keep track of the performance consistency and attitude of the team members working and should ensure that the team members adhere to the company policies and procedures.
• Shall take special interest to counsel the team members to develop their strengths and thus create a healthy work environment.
• Shall disburse necessary information discussed in meetings to the team members.
• Shall mentor and guide the team members to enhance their technical skills if require d.
• Targets should be met based on the daily deadlines of the project.
Preferred Skills
• Digital illustration skills with an Advanced understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Flash
• Excellent drawing and conceptualization skills with an ability to adapt to established styles

3-5 years’ experience.

R & D Programmer 

Job Description

• Solid grasp of Maya, its internals and troubleshooting
• Should be proficient in MEL, Python and MySQL.
• Knowledge of C++, JSP, PHP and Qt framework will be a plus

Preferred Skills

Qualification: BSc Computer Science/BCA/MCA/BTech Graduates

2-3 years’ experience.

3D Texturing Artist 

Job Description

• Strong knowledge and experience in Autodesk Maya.
• Should have good understanding of lights – shades and color theory.
• Excellent skills working in Photoshop.
• Experience painting textures for a colorful, non-photorealistic and photorealistic projects.
• Ability to work with a high degree of self-direction.
• Awareness of latest tools, technologies, and techniques.
• Takes direction well and not resistant to changing the work style.
• Must be able to meet schedules and artistic guidelines on time.

3-5 yrs experience.

Show Director 

Experience: 8-10 Years

Expected to deliver a complete series/feature from script to screen ie; from interpretation of a story & written script, using their vision and creativity, along with organizational and technical skills (Knowledge of Flash). Experience in directing feature/series is very much required. Should have worked/ in high-pressure, strict deadlines, and balancing numerous personalities and responsibilities at various levels.

Must be proficient in 2D animation, storyboards, animatic, character designs and layouts. Must be able to lead, supervise, motivate, articulate and inspire the team. Able to handle projects independently, be a team player and effective management skills is a must.

Preferred Skills:

• Digital illustration skills with an Advanced understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Flash
• Excellent drawing and conceptualization skills with an ability to adapt to established stylesLearn from Pictures

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