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What does a Video Game Designer do? Where does a Video Game Designer work?

Today I will be discussing about Video Game Designer and their salary and their lifestyle and I think you will be shocked to know this and this only knows by some people who really love animation as a professional and as their Interests.
So let me start that Video game design is one of the most exciting careers in the world. If a student is interested in Games and technical stuffs, for him/her with a passion for computer technology and interactive entertainment, may he would love or he wants to take video game design as his dream job, but even those with a slight interest in video games would jump at the opportunity to become a member of this fascinating industry.
Video game designers use a combination of technology, science, engineering, mathematics, design, and animation skills to create realistic action packed video games that sell in the millions of units around the world. In addition to entertainment, video game designers create interactive games for the education industry, advertising, and businesses. Video game designers are also fast becoming an important part of the mobile technology industry.

Video Game Designer Jobs

Let me tell you something about Video game designers job that a Video game designers perform a number of tasks as a part of the design process. They create storylines and characters, as well as role-play mechanics and gameplay prototypes. Video game designers collaborate with artists to fine tune the visual style for games, and they map out missions, puzzles, and other challenges for players to face during game play. Video game designers perform these tasks for video game publishers, software publishing firms, mobile technology companies, graphic design firms, and advertising firms, web design firms, and this is not an end their are thousands of growing production companies out there and they have really a good payee scale.

Video Game Designer Salaries

The main thing that every person wants to know that how much a Video game designer will earn one of the highest average annual salaries in the entertainment industry. but let me tell you that the to get a large amount of money you need to do a proper hard work and later on you will get really a great success and get a huge amount of payment but I want to tell you that every company needs experienced person but if every company will ask for that is there will anyone who will be experienced, so don't think of money first, If you good enough for a job and you will be giving 500 Rs per day then also its great...(500 rs is just for an example) so In the outside India the artists salaries are more then India and I will tell you a real fact about Animation. so watch my next post and link is below. So here In India a pay scale of a new unexperienced Animation student is 8000 to 9000 per month means annually that will be 1 lakh to 1.20lakh. but one negative point for production house is that they didn't pay at a proper day. So before joining any production house know some inner part of that production house.However, individual salaries vary greatly depending on experience, education, area of expertise (video games, mobile technology, interactive games for education), and geographic location. Overall, video game designers can expect to an average of $77,010 per year. but this is not totally applicable for India but you will get maximum 5 lakh per annum if you are good enough to do a great work. but as a student I haven't much knowledges about this payee scale but as per my concern I will tell you my assumption

Becoming a Video Game Designer

If you are interested in becoming a video game designer, there are several education paths to take. A computer science degree with a focus in computer graphics is one path or you can earn a degree in animation, game design, game art, game development, game programming, digital art with a concentration in game design, or even math with a game programming concentration.but let me tell you that how you will get a job like video game designer by studying Animation but obviously you need to use some coding and you can do one thing that In our college after passing Diploma a student can take a degree in Information technology either Computer Science and Engineering. So I will tell you that there are so many colleges out there where you can choose one after another.
In addition to a degree in any of the fields listed above, employers require a minimum of 2 years’ experience for intermediate positions. For upper level positions, employers might require an advanced degree, plus 3-5 years’ professional experience in the industry. For entry-level positions, a degree plus experience through an internship or other support position is acceptable.

So in above you have got the point that how to become a video game designer and what are the qualification you will need to be a video game designer. So practice makes man perfect and not only practice hard work is also needed to achieve some goals. So be on it and you will get success and for questions mail me or write a comment below.