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#Animation company in India | Pentamedia Graphics Limited

Today I will be telling you some of the Companies of animation in India and they give placement per year as per performance and experience. So let me start one by one

1. Pentamedia Graphics Limited

Pentamedia Graphics Limited is a company which has their smashing success of creation; nurturing ideas right from their conception to the glorious finale, pulling out all stops to ensure a quality of production that is world class. Pentamedia, pioneers in animation technology in India is amongst the leading companies in the world to have produced 7 Live action and 7 Animation movies (including Oscar Nominations) 5000 hours of special effects and 2000 hours of Television contents.

Pentamedia Graphics Limited is the realization of a great vision, indeed a cherished dream of shaping the people to achieve their goals and increasing their maturity for productive purpose by spreading of knowledge. At Pentamedia, men and machines work together to take you on the wings of imagination to a desired object of achievement. The creativity and transformation with the kindred knowledge by Pentamedia makes the impossible as possible.

The horizons of the Company expanded itself into the segments of media, animation, technologies of Software, Web, Themed and Sports Entertainments. The achievements are far reaching and expecting to take off for bright and unblemished futuristic goals.


"Animation is an art of creation and a profession: a serious, complicated and, in its true sense, a noble one”

Pentamedia will provide job assistance, based on merits of the successful students on completion of the course / training. Facilitating job in the industry depends on the student’s personal skills, creativity, and quality of work. Pentamedia is responsible for training the students in getting their dream job a reality.

Pentamedia has wide network with several studios and often bring in guest speakers to inform students about job opportunities at studios. The students who take advantage of the resources and oppuritinities can succeed in finding a job anywhere. We maintain databases of all students to provide clients instant student resumes and projects for review.

Pentamedia students training related projects are benchmarked based on their output quality, students coming out with the best results throughout the course get absorbed into the many studios and recruiters who approach them from time to time to conduct recruitments.

Their Contact details
No.25, First Main Road,
United India Colony,
Chennai - 600 024.

Phone:044-24833067 / 24803898 / 23721134
Fax : +91-44-24845279

Email : enquiry@pentamedia.in
Website : www.pentamedia.in

note: This post is directly taken from their website just for you who wants to know about them so as a part of their salary I have no idea about their payscale, and I am not responsible for any type of problem faced by you from my post, and If you know something better then please comment below

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